About us

KIARA College is a newly established Higher Educational Institution in Sabah, offering Diploma Courses. It was formally known as OAKLAND INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE founded in 1997, and subsequently changed its ownership and renamed as KIARA College, situated at Taman Kingfisher Sulaman, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

KIARA in Sabah was fully operation since November 2012, offering diploma programs in Executive Secretaryship (DES), Corporate Administration (DCA) and Hotel Management (DHM). KIARA offers FREE Hostel Accommodation (entire study duration) and FREE Basic English Course (Interactive Communication).


KIARA College will be acknowledge as a college for real world delivering relevant and practical courses leading to excellent and quality human capital in rapidly changing world.


• To provide a significant opportunity for working out career aspiration and direction through intense experiential and interactive to fast develop the abilities of individuals and to satisfy the current and future manpower needs in a changing worldwide.

• To provide awareness enabling graduates to establish their global network through industry exposure and experience which later become a source of global market intelligence when they start their career.

• To encourage graduates to tailor their study to match their interests, helping them gain an edge in specialized industries and broaden their career option.

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